Why You Should Receive an Estimate Before a Repair

Emergency Roof Repairs in Denver, COWhen you need emergency roof repairs in Denver, CO, you want to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. We would encourage you, however, to give yourself more time to think. When you’re panicked about your roof, you might just call the first roof repair company on the list – which could be a mistake. Here is why you should always ask for an estimate before getting a roof repair.

Making Insurance Claims Easier

When you file a claim on your homeowners’ insurance, the claims adjuster will base your settlement on the cost of repair. When the damage occurs, document it carefully and then call a roofer for an estimate. It’s important to get the estimate before you contact the insurance company so you can make sure your settlement is fair.

Finding the Best Price

Cheap roof repair is not always high-quality repair, but it is important to shop around and see if you can save a few bucks on a repair. Take the time to research reputable roofing companies, like A1 Contracting, and then collect estimates from a handful. Start with companies with plenty of good reviews. Getting an estimate before you agree to a repair ensures you will be confident in your choice of company, and that you will not be spending more than you have to on a roof repair.