Updating Your Property with Exterior Remodeling in Denver, CO

The exterior of your home can have a significant impact on its market value when it comes time to sell. It can also impact other homes’ values within your broader neighborhood. Curb appeal is a critical factor in visually increasing the appeal of a house when selling in a competitive market.

If your objective is to improve the visual value of your property and its dollar value on the market, then here are some top design ideas to consider for exterior remodeling in Denver, CO.

Paint It Black

Darker colors are perceived as “heavier,” so if one adds a touch of black or a darker color to a house, that can help ground it. As part of your plans for exterior remodeling in Denver, CO, try painting the cement close to the ground a darker color, or adding a couple of black planters to the front of the house. By adding elements that provide contrast, the house will seem more visually balanced.

The Garage Door

Improving the condition and look of your garage doors can also improve the visual appeal of a house. For a few thousand dollars of investment, this upgrade can add a lot to the front of a house. As part of your exterior remodeling in Denver, COg, look for garage doors with panels, carriage style, shaker details, etc. All of these design elements are far more flattering than the old “chocolate bar design.”

Add Lighting

Highlight your exterior remodeling with lighting options. Nothing improves the ambiance of a house better than a variety of lighting. This improvement is only visible at night, but it can change the entire feel of your property. Add ground lights to accent trees or porch lights to create a welcome glow near the front door.

Add Flagstone

While this suggestion is not for those on a tighter budget for exterior remodeling, investing in a dark flagstone, even on the porch and stairs of a house, can upgrade the property’s value. This is a permanent solution for those in less than ideal climates, and it adds visual weight to the front door and entry.