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Roof Leaks and the Damage They Cause

Roof Leak Repair in Denver, COThe roofing systems in our homes offer us a lot of protection against outside elements and severe storms. While our roofs are generally built well to provide protection from and to withstand storms, they can still be impacted and damaged. Not only can storms damage your roof, but lack of maintenance and poor installation are also factors that must be considered. These can all cause a need for roof leak repair in Denver, CO. When there is a leak in your roofing system, there are a couple of things that can happen.

Mold Growth – Mold infestation often occurs when water is left to stand for days or even just a matter of hours. If roof leak repair in Denver, CO isn’t performed right away, it can lead to mold growth on your walls, ceilings, and attic.

Interior Damage – Most people notice leaks on the walls and ceilings. When left unaddressed, these leaks will cause water stains and bubbling on the walls and ceiling.

Structural Damage – Unattended leaks can also cause the structural integrity of your home to be compromised. Damages can occur to the fascia, trim, and wall framing.

Higher Utility Bills – Your energy bills will be higher if you put off roof leak repair as roof leaks can damage the insulation, resulting in the loss of cool or warm air.

Fire Hazards – If water manages to soak the electrical components in your home, there is a strong chance that a fire could start.

What Kind of New Roof is Right for Your Property

New Home Roof Installation in Denver, COIf you’re trying to choose a new roof for your new or existing home, aesthetics and style are important, but so are material and installation costs. The price of the material is a good starting point, but other factors, such as the shape of the roof, are important too. A roof with multiple chimneys, intersecting rooflines, skylights, etc., will cost significantly more.

Whether you are building from scratch and need a new home roof installation in Denver, CO, here’s what you need to know:

Roofing Materials

Asphalt – This is the most common of all roof materials, likely because it’s the least expensive and is easiest to install. The standard version costs roughly half as much, but laminated shingles have an appealing textured appearance and last roughly half as long (typically 25 years or more, versus 15 years).

Wood – Wood was the main staple for centuries, and it’s still a good option. Though, in some areas, fire codes forbid its use in new home roof installation. Usually made of redwood, cedar, or southern pine, shingles are sawn or split. They have a life expectancy in the 25-year range, like asphalt shingles, but cost almost twice as much.

Metal – A few different types of metal roofs are available, but all are quite durable and expensive. Lead and the copper/asphalt varieties are generally installed as shingles, but other metals are manufactured for seamed roofs consisting of vertical lengths of metal that are joined with solder.

Slate – Slate is one of the most durable of all roofing materials for new home roof installation in Denver, CO. Hundred-year-old slate is often recycled for reinstallation, with the expectation that it will last another century.

Vital Information about EPDM Roofing

Roof Leak Repair in Denver, COWhen you run a business, the last thing you want to worry about is having to call for roof leak repair in Denver, CO. If you want to avoid a leaky roof in your commercial space, you need to make sure your roof is installed with the best materials available. One of the best materials for low-slope commercial roofing is EPDM.

A Closer Look at EPDM Roofing

EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) is a type of synthetic rubber membrane that is installed on commercial roofing. It can be fully adhered, ballasted, or mechanically attached. The roofing installer will then seal the seams with either specially formulated tape or liquid adhesive.

A Long-Term Solution

EPDM is a trusted roofing solution and has been proven to perform for a minimum of 30 years. Some experts estimate that a properly maintained EPDM roof can last over 40 years. It also has a high R-value, which can help you save on energy costs. When you are making an investment in a new roof, and you want a long-term solution with superior strength, you choose EPDM.

Because of its long service life, EPDM roofing has a low environmental impact. The material can also be recycled and made into new projects, diverting tons of waste from landfills.

Why You Should Receive an Estimate Before a Repair

Emergency Roof Repairs in Denver, COWhen you need emergency roof repairs in Denver, CO, you want to get the problem fixed as soon as possible. We would encourage you, however, to give yourself more time to think. When you’re panicked about your roof, you might just call the first roof repair company on the list – which could be a mistake. Here is why you should always ask for an estimate before getting a roof repair.

Making Insurance Claims Easier

When you file a claim on your homeowners’ insurance, the claims adjuster will base your settlement on the cost of repair. When the damage occurs, document it carefully and then call a roofer for an estimate. It’s important to get the estimate before you contact the insurance company so you can make sure your settlement is fair.

Finding the Best Price

Cheap roof repair is not always high-quality repair, but it is important to shop around and see if you can save a few bucks on a repair. Take the time to research reputable roofing companies, like A1 Contracting, and then collect estimates from a handful. Start with companies with plenty of good reviews. Getting an estimate before you agree to a repair ensures you will be confident in your choice of company, and that you will not be spending more than you have to on a roof repair.

What is a Flat Roof Membrane?

Roofing in Littleton, COIf you have or want to install flat roofing in Littleton, CO, the most important thing to consider might be your membrane. It’s a sheet of material that covers many roofs, and there is a diverse array of types to choose from. Why do you need one? It all comes down to the water.

One of the biggest threats to any building’s roof is excess moisture seeping through the surface to cause damage and endanger the rest of the property. Membranes are waterproof and prevent rain, snow, and other sources of water from pooling up and pushing through the roof itself.

Where Does the Water Go?

All that water has to go somewhere if it doesn’t stay on your roof! Unfortunately, pooling around the building’s foundation can be just as problematic when it comes to structural safety. It’s important to channel water somewhere safe for the property and convenient for the people who use it.

That’s why most membranes direct runoff into a gutter system using a slight inclination or camber. When all these features come together, you get superior protection that makes all the difference when rough weather comes. Whether it’s made from synthetic rubber or modified bitumen, you should always invest in a reliable membrane for your flat roof.

When Tile Roof Repairs Can’t Wait

Over time, even the best roofs need a little help to stay strong. But occasionally, waiting for a fix can put your entire property in danger. When it comes to tile, you need to know the difference between a minor crack and a potential catastrophe. Here are a few ways to tell when you might need emergency roof repairs in Denver, CO:

Look for Leaks – By the time you notice a leak, there’s a good chance whole sections of your roof are compromised. It’s never a good idea to wait in these situations because water and ice only add to the damage every time they slip beneath your tile’s surface.

Count the Cracks – If you notice more than a few cracks or missing tiles, you want to act quickly. It’s normal for your roof to have a bit of wear and tear as the weather changes, but gaps tend to grow over time.

Get an Inspection – It’s always better to be safe than sorry. If you aren’t confident in your danger-spotting skills and see any noticeable damage to your tile, the best thing to do is get an expert opinion. If there’s nothing to worry about, you’ll get peace of mind. If there is, your inspector can help you set the right timeline to deal with any issues.

When to Request Emergency Roof Repairs

Emergency Roof Repairs in Denver, COYour roof is strong enough to stand up to the elements and seasons, but there are times when it does need your attention. However, not all roof repairs are emergencies. In fact, many are for routine maintenance. But, when damage allows water to get inside the roof or the house itself, you need to call the professionals for emergency roof repairs right away. When water is leaking inside the house, your roofer will tarp over that section to prevent the situation from deteriorating even further.

Other situations that call for emergency roof repairs in Denver, CO, involve the aftermath of storms. Perhaps a tree has fallen on top of your roof. In this situation, you need the tree removed, and then the full extent of the damage can be assessed.

Hiring an Emergency Roofer

We recommend you don’t hire a roofer in haste. First, check out their qualifications and credentials. Then, look at their reviews and testimonials. You also can check them out online.

After looking into their background and talking to them, you can decide whether to hire this roofer. After all, this company is doing something crucial for you – repairing the roof over your head, so make sure you have a crew that’s capable of doing a good job.

The Value of Having Gutters Installed with Your New Roof

Roofing in Roxborough, CODid you know gutters are your roof’s best friend? Yes, it’s true. Your roofing in Roxborough, CO, keeps the rain away from your valuable possessions inside, but the gutters move the water away from your house. Together, they work to protect your home and property. When the time comes to put a new roof over your head, add gutters to the installation process.

What Gutters Do for Your Home

Gutters high up under the eaves of a house catch rainwater that would otherwise pour down the sides, working its way inside if there’s a crack or hole. This takes a toll on the paint or siding. Then, that water pools around your home’s foundation, threatening its structural integrity, as well as working its way into the basement to puddle on the floor and drip down the walls.

You can prevent all of these problems quickly by having a new gutter installed on your house. It’s best to use a bigger gutter, 5” to 6”, to catch as much rainwater as possible. Then the water runs through the gutters into the downspouts and is directed away from the house, avoiding problems such as mold or insects, both of which thrive in a damp environment.

Snow Damage to Roofing in Littleton, CO

Roofing in Littleton, COThe snow on your roofing in Littleton, CO, looks so pretty you wouldn’t think it could cause structural damage. However, snow and ice can be considered the top two enemies to the top of your house. And, since you can’t stop it from snowing, we offer these tips to safeguard the investment that is your home:

  • Snow Overload – Over the course of the winter, quite a bit of snow can accumulate on the top of your house. Add ice to that, and there is the possibility of damage. This is why it’s recommended that you do repairs before the snowy weather sets in.
  • Ice Dams & Icicles – Air leaks and snowmelt can result in ice dams that build up on your roof. These ice dams can damage the surface, as well as the gutters.
  • Freeze/Thaw Cycles – As the temperatures rise and fall during the season, the snow and ice on the roof melt and refreeze. This places a great deal of stress on your roof, especially at the stress points.

You want your roof to survive the winter without significant damage. One way to prevent that is by having an inspection before winter is officially here. That way, your roof is ready to take on another winter.

Winter Is Coming – Repair Your Roofing in Roxborough, CO

Roofing in Roxborough, COMake sure the roof over your head is in excellent repair before the winter snow piles up on top. Repairs can be inconvenient at any time of the year, but most notably in the winter, when the problem could result in cold temperatures inside as well as outside. And, don’t forget about the increased energy costs from trying to heat a house with roofing problems.

Just as you winterize your car, it’s a smart idea to winterize your roofing in Roxborough, CO. A good time is in the fall – certainly before the snow sticks. After all, the roof is there for the protection of you and your family. In fact, it safeguards you from bad weather of all sorts.

That protection overhead can be weakened by a number of factors, from stormy weather to natural aging to falling branches. The damage can include missing shingles, holes, and leaks. And, at times, the damage may be hard to see from the ground. From the inside, leaks and visible outside light in the attic are the most obvious warning signs.We recommend you seek repairs sooner rather than later, for the longer the roofing goes without repair, the worse the damage gets. We know you’ll be happy about this during the winter when you’re cozy and warm inside because your roof is in tip-top condition.